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Janik Roskovani

Janik Roskovani describes a day in the life of a leading contracting company owner

Renowned Los Angeles contracting company owner and luxury design expert Janik Roskovani shares a typical day in his busy working life. Praised by clients for his impeccable taste, creativity, integrity, and professionalism, Janik Roskovani has proudly been named among Los Angeles’ top contractors by the LA Times, published in Los Angeles, California, since 1881 and […]

Janik Roskovani Outlines Skills Essential for Success as a Construction Contractor

Veteran California-based contractor Janik Roskovani shares five essential skills required to succeed in the industry. A veteran of the thriving luxury design and construction contracting world of Los Angeles, California, Janik Roskovani has been at the top of his game for more than two decades now. Recently named among Los Angeles’ top contractors by the LA Times, […]

Janik Roskovani Showcases Glowing Feedback Received by his Successful LA Contracting Firm

Leading luxury contracting company owner Janik Roskovani demonstrates glowing feedback received by his award-winning business, JR Builders, based in Los Angeles, California Recently named among Los Angeles’ top 10 contractors by the LA Times, Janik Roskovani, a staple of the region’s luxury design field for more than two decades, is well known for his impeccable taste, […]

Janik Roskovani

Janik Roskovani Shares Strategy as an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur and leading contracting company founder Janik Roskovani talks business and entrepreneurship.   A renowned contracting company owner and entrepreneur based in the sprawling southern California metropolis of Los Angeles, Janik Roskovani has, over the course of more than two decades, established himself as one of the region’s most in-demand contractors. Well-known for his impeccable […]